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Thought this might get everyone's attention. ;D

We've been doing group rides quite regularly since the beginning of August, in fact, we've done 6 of 'em in the space of 10 weeks. This Saturday will make it 7 rides in 11 weeks.

That [email protected]<kin' rocks!

There's 9 or 10 of us that have made up those rides.

There's at least 15 other folks that post on this SoCal board that haven't ridden with us.

Some of you have to work, have family committments, others are around San Diego (or further!), and IIRC one or two are still looking for bikes or are not moved out here yet. That's perfectly OK.

I want to make it crystal clear, in this post I'm not bagging on anyone for not riding with us these past couple of months. And, I'm not hounding anybody that said they were gonna show and didn't. Anyway, I don't think that's ever happened.....Riding is supposed to be fun, and if there's other stuff pressing on you, then you won't have fun.

The only Rule is: Show up for a ride.

There's no fee.
We always post our rides.
No humiliating initiation.
We have NEVER refused anyone on a ride.
We don't have a secret handshake.
We've never left any of our group laying in a heap in the ditch.
There isn't a group beat-down of the newbies.

Just watch on this SCMHA forum for our ride announcements, and then post that you want to come on one of our rides.

This is as close to an engraved invitation as it's going to get.
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