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Thanks Marangoni!

SoCal DMC Ride to meet Paolo
Friday November 5th

So! The SoCal DMC is going to meet Paolo on his way around the World!

We will meet him on PCH at Point Mugu.

...im sure yall know where this is...
if you don't, here is a link to google maps:


Paolo will be in LA friday the 5th and saturday the 6th. He will be riding to SD on sunday the 7th.

During his stay, we are trying to organize a few events and rides to guide him around Los Angeles and to spend some time with him.
Some Ducati Dealers are/will be invlved too.

Here is the tentative plan for his stay in LA:

Friday 11.5
- Paolo meets SoCal DMC in the morning at Point Mugu - 10AM-
- Lunch with Paolo in Malibu
- Paolo rides to LAs most famous places, to take pics and videos together, to be posted on the website (i.e. Studios)
- cocktail party at Beverly Hills from 5 to 6/7 PM (TBC)
- Friday night with our Club, immersed in the LA fun !

Saturday 11.6
- riding to LA in the morning for more pictures of LA iconic places
- lunch party at ProItalia, 12PM - 1PM (TBC)
- meeting with Nino and OC DC posse to hand Paolo over to them
- saturday night party with OC/DC and Ducati Newport Beach

Sunday 11.7
- OC/DC escorts him on his way to San Diego and "pass the baton" to San Diego DOCs


Meet up is at 8:30 at Chevron Station on PHC and Sunset.
We take off at 8:45

We will meet with Paolo at around 10am. Ducati is trying to arrange for a press representative to be there and shoot a few pictures of his arrival.
We will then proceed to ride down through Malibu. Possibly a canyon or 2 (depending on how Paolo feels about riding).
We will then stop in Malibu to have Lunch at aprox 12:30/1:00.

Of course, in an adventure like this, the unexpected is always around the corner (holes in the road, kangaroos, Customs, robbers, flat tires, ...) and we need to be ready to possible last minute changes
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