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...so Luigi says to Guido...

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Luigi: This pipe's too long.

Guido: Who asked you to measure anything? Does it look OK?

Luigi: Looks good.

Guido: Ship it.

OK, got the SIL (made in Italy) megaphones on. Now to open up the airbox.

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Sounds pretty good. Sounds like a big bike now. And the pipes are real pretty.

Opened the airbox with my trusty hacksaw. Looks like I'll have rain hitting the air filter via the key tunnel. Probably should have planned that a little better. Water in the airbox wouldn't hurt, except that one of the intake ports looks like it's where the water would run to, rather than the drain. Maybe tomorrow I'll glue a bit back on just in that one place to let it run forward, and off. Looks like a thermoset plastic, so I'll have to get some decent glue.

So, off to the dyno and the 600 mile checkup.

Dyno - wish I could, but there's no before and after.
Actually, I think I was making some assumptions without all the background. I think they'll tweak the throttle body adjustments, but not the actual map, too. We'll see how it turns out, and if it's not feeling right or my mileage drops to squat or if I break down in Gila Bend with fouled plugs (again) I'll probably go for the Power Commander. It doesn't have to be perfect, but should be at least as good as a carb setup.

I expect it will be OK to "adjust the trim." This is the 620 and we're replacing stock parts that flow OK on the (stock) 800, so I don't expect much benefit except on the top end anyway. Conversely, I don't expect to hole a piston on the way to the shop either.

Sorry about the fancy words, but if you don't use them, then you have to use three or four more to say the same thing. I did have to look up the spelling of "stoichiometric" though as I seldom have to write it.

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Good info. I will be sure to check the plugs at various throttles after it gets back from the shop. Not keen on replacing a piston yet.


Actually, I left as much in the front as possible. I don't know about the older bikes, but the '03 620 has a small box built into the lid. No idea what it does, but there's a round hole into it in the intake duct of the lid itself. It seems hollow and empty. I sawed the lid back as close to the front of that box as far as I could, but it didn't leave enough material to completely protect the front of the air filter.

a) Anyone know what that small box in the air filter lid is? Resonator of some sort? I figure it's about noise, but otherwise am stumped.

b) As material I've hacksawed off the lid isn't perfectly shaped to build a patch for the front of the modified lid, anyone got any advice? If not, I'll use material from the other end of the trash piece and jury-rig a cover to glue on. I'm not concerned about rain entering while riding. I'm concerned about it building up while sitting, and bending a con rod trying to start it.

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