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HI -

This is Justin and Laura, we are Quack Racing. Really just two sport riders who just bought a 1997 dark M750 to run about town and eventually thrash once or twice a year on open track day... which near Denver CO... is HPR and that is one fun track.. just saying.

I have taken the clip-ons off, and the little streetfighter 2 light thing.. put a pair of dirtbike motard bars on, put the original light bucket back on, put the instrument panel back on.. have a GP Tachometer to set up in the next few days. will swap out sprockets and chain too shortly.

Just realized why the front felt a touch odd... a hop in the rim. so, since i can not find crap for used wheels.. i will take it down to Woodys Custom Wheel works in Denver and have them take the hop out of the rim for 100-300 (guess on range)

anyway... the bike is fun to run

our other bikes... Laura's daily ride is a 07 SV650, my daily ride is a 99 R11S BMW and i have a 74 G4TR 100cc Kawasaki ringadinga doo, and a hack job bmw airhead R100S that was my bike a long time ago, it now needs a full tear down rebuild.. so it is parked until i make some time for it.. the Quack is getting the wrenching tho..

so that is our introduction... quack quack
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