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Says to post here so here I am posting.....

Been riding for awhile and did some racing in the AFM locally. Picked up a 1993 M900 a little while ago and set about making it mine. Did some stuff:
-Ohlins rear shock.
-916SS Forks with Ohlins internals.
-Radial brake master and clutch master.
-Vee Two slave, basket, hub, SS springs, Paulimoto pressure plate, STM bearing, Barnett clutch pack.
-Billet fuel filter, crankcase breather, cleaned up hoses, ditched CA canister, etc, etc..
-RoadRacing underbelly exhaust.
-Rear ride height spacers.
-Suburban Machinery M3 bars.
-Oberon convex barend mirrors.
-14t front sprocket.

Anyways thing is a blast to ride. Next step is some FCR's and some tuning. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains so good roads here. Many mods to be had in the future. Wouldn't want to take it to Vegas but great for into town or through the twisties.

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