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Hi all

so it started as a 2005 620 dark that I bought with 10,000 miles,
and this is my first bike ever, funny story after I bought the bike I found a model of a Ducati Supersport 900FE that my GF in high school gave me, guess fate was on my side to be a Ducati owner

now it has 12400 miles and the following mods

Termi exhaust system - with ECU and air filter
Removed air box lid, and all the other emissions stuff you can
painted case cover
Cycle cat clip-ons
CRG mirrors
CRG brake and clutch levers
Dart flyscreen
slotted sprocket cover
restriction plate of exhaust system cut out and welded with flat plates

Rear wheel power on the Dyno is 58.5 hp

hope you guys like her!


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Very very nice job.

Very funny also that you painted your sprocket cover the exact same color I just did with mine yesterday. You also cut the stamped slots, and they're even a little crooked like mine to.

Wow, weird. One of us is copying off the other [laugh]

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