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Well its almost done i am just waitng for the farings to arrive.

I have this posted up at my forums. but since i highly doubt you guys cruise by. I figured what the hell and i would post up a sneak peak just for you.

What you are about to see is the complete process that needs to be done to repair fairings and paint fairings.

It is basically a story that starts with my accident and ends with the fairings repaired and painted.

The story includes video pictures and text.

So take a break turn up the speakers "a wee bit" and i hope you enjoy the story.

The story can be found here:



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Was my first ever attempt at doinf a voice-over. I normally talk very fast but it appers here i am talking very slow DOH!!!.

lucazuma said:
ps:loved the "uber racing" sticker ;D
gotta give my props to Uber :)
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