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Reading the Post on Smokin or gettin smoked by cages, really gives me goose bumps, i just love that $hit!!

Unfortunately there are no souped up cars here in PNG where i live, mostly 4x4's actually, so i can't get into this cage smokin deal.

All we have to guage on performance is racing each other.

Has anybody had a run against a HD V-Rod, their new "Super Bike"?

My Mate has a 2003 100 year aniversary model, with screaming eagle pipes & up spec'd chip. He had it Dyno'd at 126Hp.

Since i've re-jetted & fine tuned i can nail him all through the range untill we get to about 120mph, then his long legs take over. When i say nail, i mean, if he jumps me i can reel him in, or if i get the jump, i stay there & creep ahead, low down & mid range.

the other bikes here are

1982 GPZ900 - Smoked him!
2000 Triumph 956 Triple - same as the HD
The others not worth Mentioning.

From this anyone got any idea on what the HD 1/4 mile times would be?

The HD, now wants to change Belt drive pulleys ::)
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