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Slippey? WTF?

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Hey all,

Feeling better this morning, I decided to ride to work to make up for the lost riding time this weekend. At lunch I decided to head to Gloucester just to get out.....yes it's raining and no I don't care.......and holy ****!! the bike was slippin' n' sliding at accel and decel...

anything from 1/2 throttle on is nothing but spin... :eek:

Just got back to the office and wanted to send a little warning around. I must have rolled in something oily, or maybe I was riding behind someone with an oil leak.

god damn, for the first 1/2 hour I was pissing my pants, then it turned into a helluva grin.


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That might be a little something left over the last time Scottie molested your bike :-X [laugh]
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