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Gonna be in your neck of the woods next weekend.
More accurately The Wife and I will be in Venezia from the 24th to the 26th, and we have a side trip planned to visit Bologna, and we ALL know why ;D.
A visit to Hallowed and Sacred ground!

I am worried over the trip thanks to a limited grasp on your language(I'm a bit of a dummy and a years worth of study has left me able to just about not irritate a Cab driver!)
and the railways and connections.

Maybe(And most likely) it is unfounded apprehension but I am looking for tips and good info on the area and the Museum itself so we don't run get snagged into a mess thanks to our ignorance, and possibly irritate the good local folks in the process.

Any help would be appreciated!
If you ever get over here, I will gladly return the favor!

Gratzie Mille'.

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Hey S. I am not Skier but I have been to the Sacred Ground you speak of. I am from florida but living in Spain. Anyway I speak no Italian, but I drove from Rome to Venice in the course of a week (with stop in sacred ground) and had no trouble what so ever. Just be respectful and the people will treat you with the same. Driving was alot of fun. Just mash the gas and go. I love that when the merge lane ends they just keep going on the emergency lane. That scared yet awed me. Oh one last thing. (when you get there this will make sense) There are two Ducati buildings One has nothing to do with motorcycles. But the security guard is friendly and will point you down the street towards the right direction. First light make a right. ;)

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hi there, I am not skier either, but glad to help if I can.
Only what exactly do you need? aren't you worrying too much?
I guess they are pretty used to american touristers.
anyway, here to help.

regarding emergency lane: it is all true but don't be too confident, police don't like when you drive on emergency lane, though, you are allow to drive there if you are less than 500 meters to your exit ramp. Clear? Nooo? well, just don't drive there ;)

Hey, the gp just started right this second and valentino is first! he, he

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Ciao , Skier is here.

PM me Your cell phone, or lets talk more tomorrow.

I try to help as much as I can.
I bet replikate has good info also so lets get You there and here safely.


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WHOA!!!! [smiley=approve.gif] [smiley=approve.gif]

Thanks folks!

All responses will be most helpfull, especially the onramp survival tip!!!
(Anybody ever read Twains "Innocents abroad"? :eek: that is pretty much the Wife and I)

Most likely we will not be driving much if at all thanks to a restrictive time table and pre-arrainged tours and folks to meet here and there.

I also GOOFED like a Moron and forgot to state that we will be in Venezia from the 24th to the 26th, but will be in Firenze from the 26th to the 29th.
DUHHHHHH Florence is closer!!

Checking the rail map( Thanks to RepliKates suggestion) it should also be a strait shot to Bologna.

Had to tape the GP but what a RACE!!!!
Rossi ain't human! He CAN'T BE!

Kinda dissapointed in the outcome with Xaus.
I was SOOO looking forward to him doing well.
But then it was the first race.
Capirossi, and the gang have plenty of time to sort thngs out!

Anyhoo, in Superbike Frankie Chili had me screaming at the tube, and Laconi being so humble, honest and forthright was just awesome to see.
Frankie almost cracking up explaining about his Grandmother and the race, was something.
Ya gotta love the guy!
I see many more Podiums in his future this year!
If not, my opinion will NOT change.
The guy is nothing but Heart!


Thank you so much!
I have tried contacting the meuseo directly by phone and the connection here in the Michigan Boondocks keeps going fuzzy on me about the time my Pathetic attempt at speaking Italian starts making sense to the nice lady on the other end of the line.

I guess I'm comfy in knowing the Italian folks are good people that are tolerant of us silly American Hicks, I'm jussed a bit flustered with myself on the communications side.

I'm going to call the Museo again tonight and try again.
I really just need info on their hours of operation and schedule, and if I need to make a reservation.

Hate to get arrested for climbing the walls and peering through the windows, while drooling and carrying on like a rabid Babboon don't ya know! ;D

Thanks so very much for your input, and the info on the train.
Never even thought to look at the Map sitting 3' away from the monitor! DUH!!!


Thank you as well.
I PM'd you with my Cell number and an explanation of my silly post.

If we can get into the Museo and all goes well, can you or any of the gang reccomend a Ristorante' nearby?

We would really like to know more of Bologna than what we already do as simply "Ducati is there, hence it is wonderfull!".

Have only one day and the Museo will dominate that day.

Once again, I am in your debt for the help.
Grazie Mille!!!!!

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Almost forgot.


Consider a 749 Kissed! ;D
Full lips and just maybe a little tongue ;).

God help me, or I will come back home with a shipping receipt!

The wife will be along with me simply to hold my leash and keep me from embarrasing myself.
The Supermono and the 888's do odd things to my hormones. :eek: ;D
Might have to take a sedative before entering the building or the drool will require carpet replacement.

Just hope the good folks are used to lusty eyed Michigan Jackapes, trying to restrain themselves and failing miserably.

I have to work tomorrow....
Like THAT is going to be productive! [smiley=smartass.gif]

Thanks so much once again!

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Almost forgot.


Consider a 749 Kissed! ;D
Full lips and just maybe a little tongue ;).
hei, hei, :mad: ask her first, if not, it's sexual harassment!

God help me, or I will come back home with a shipping receipt!

Don't panic: 1) leave cheques at the hotel (in florence)
2) give your wife all credit cards
3) don't sign anything!!!

found the restaurant? If not try to aks to employees there, say you want some nice food in a real trattoria bolognese.
(bologna is the reign of pork meat)
once you get there never ask for spaghetti with bolognese sauce. They exist only in USA ;D
Ask for pasta with rag

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Ciao Tutti!!!!!!!

Just got home and unpacked all the smuggled treasure from the land of Blood Red Motorcycles!

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 days. I'm all kinds of messed up between jet lag, language issues, sleep habits, and from the bruises and lacerations inflicted upon me by the wife when it came time to leave.

Italy was Wonderfull.
The people are absolutely a delight to be amoung and the garbage Horror stories that are circulating here in the states are pure LIES!!!!!

The Brits are less reserved and less composed as a whole.

Only the most dedicated pacifist is as forgiving and tolerant of sheer stupidity and ignorance than the poor gents at the ticket counter at the public rail stations.

I have never seen folks so energized, and at the same time so considerate.

I worry too much.

Minuites before landing the Italian gent next to me on the painfully cramped flight from Amsterdam to Venice asked if it was our first visit to Italy. I replied yes.
He smiled and commented "Bambino en Italia" with a knowing smile.

He was right, and knew, as he spends 4 months a yera in the states on business.

Kate ya posted while I was Boarding the EuroStar in Firenze for Bologna centrale.

The 749 on the production floor got a BIG wet Kiss as it was wheeled into the dyno for final testing.....yes...The Wife and I got the full blown tour of the factory in addition to the tour of the Museo.
The Desmosedici GP Bike just inside the door of the Museo on the other hand is probaly still being toweled dry!!!!!
(No, I wont mention what happened with the Super mono on display as this is a family site for the most part ;D.

Ya gotta do it!!!

There is a Ristorante'/ Bar just accross from Bologna centrale that came highly reccomended.

Best chow (Best Presciuto e' melone' as well!)on the whole trip AND the cheapest!

Nothing but locals, and us two Touristicas.
Language barrier was obvious and painfull as they treated the wife and I like Kin.
Lemoncello on the house with a toast to Capirossi and "Troy".

Also killed time waiting for the tour to start, by visiting a local "Coop"(300m down and 400m to the left" of the factory).
and had a ball!!!!!!
The lady that was selling the cheese figured out we were tourists, ran over to the guy with the sausage and ham display and we got a ad hoc tour of the place in broken english and spanish, samples and the realization our grocery stores here in the states SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
Just good people everywhere.

Been up for 30 hours thanks to the trip back and will post a condensed version of the whole visit in another post after I get a few winks.

The one and only regret I have about this trip to your good country is that we could not connect in person.

Thanks for the good info and all of the gracious understanding, and encouragement.

Next time, or if you get nearby on your visits here.
I gotta buy you a beer and shake your hand.
Spoil the Bambino's rotten for me!

Grazie Mille!!!!!!!!


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Sounds like a good trip. We loved the Florence area too. How was Venice? We are going there in 2 weeks (just before WDW). Did you stay on the island or the mainland? Any hotel recommendations?

I think to see the garbage in Italy you need to go to Naples. I went there 10 days ago, and it is a different country compared to the other parts of Italy I have seen. Garbage everywhere, homeless people, loose dogs roaming around, burnded out car shells, no infrastructure at all. I have no desire to go back to Napoli.


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Venice was second only to the visit to the Ducati factory/Museo.

I can reccomend the Carlton Hotel on the Grand canal as being really good. It's on the mainland side and at the Ferrovia station for the Varporetto so it's convenient.

Get cozy and comfy with the Vaporetto schedule and routes ASAP! It's the best and cheapest way to get around between neighborhoods quickly.

Get the 72 hour pass and use the things.

See the main drag first, and get up and down the Grand canal early on, hit all the usual touristica stops and then in the evenings, just wander the back streets on the Island.
Get away from the big canal and it's quiet, the folks are even more laid back and friendly.
It's a different world really and can only be appreciated away from the commercial facade.

St. Marks and the palace are a must see as is the prison.
The Arsenale is also worthy but not as popular as it should be.
The academia is so very close to the Uffizi in content and quality as far as I could tell, but then I'm not overly Artsy.

If you do hit Arsenale, right in the piazza to the right when exiting,is probably one of the best Ristorante's on the island.
Small and family owned and run without the usual pretense that comes from catering to tourists.
Just good chow.

Make sure to hit Murano Island but if you take the wife, hang onto the wallet tight!!!
Our visit ended up involving filling out lots of paperwork to get an antique chandalier exported to the states.

Lots of walking tours are offered, some more commercial than others.
Look for one that includes historical context of the smaller churches, and back ways.

I put Venice well ahead of Firenze on many levels for several reasons.
Mostly due to the good people in Venice and my own backwater hick appreciation of smaller quieter towns.

Hope this helps!

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Ciao Pat ! :D

Glad You got home ok, and it was great talking to You !

The most important thing was that You guys had time to see and do the things You now have done,
I am glad if I could help in any way.

We will see sometimes, keep in touch and ride safe !

I will hopefully see some of You at WDW between Wed and Fri.


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the garbage Horror stories that are circulating here in the states are pure LIES!!!!!
??? ??? ???

what stories?
anyway, happy to see that you liked the experience!
It's nice to see people that appreciate so much my country and forgives all our defects.


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Your humbleness in deferrence to my own situation is touching.

Grazie' Mille!

I only hope it can be repaid in kind somehow.

There is a cold Beer and the best local chow in the fridge in reserve, with your name on it waiting for you.
(Just mind the mud, Skeeters, and lack of scooter traffic!)

Many thanks again.


The stories tell of swarms of pickpockets, scooter borne purse snatchers, and other LIES!!!! :'(

I'll do my best in my circles, to kill these mistruths.
The worst thing I noticed, was a drunk in the Firenze train station, that was polite but kind of stinky in his technique of mooching another Euro.

The fact that the Wife and I tried to learn your language but gave up early, and were met with so many that spoke English perfectly, leads me to think that us Yanks are kinda ugly guests.

If modesty were a weapon, you good folks have a super -weapon and my countrymen are pretty much unarmed.
Myself included.

We have many advantages here.
Those that are not numerical, you folks have in spades.

The good folks in your country have won my heart.
It wasn't the Art in the Uffizi, the quiet canals in Venice, or the overwhelming history and looming sense of being so small a contributor in Rome.
It was the good people.
I am Humbled.

Have always loved my Monster for the "Personality" and "Character" it has, but after seeing and soaking in where it originates, Sophie the Monster is all the more close, and explains a couple of close calls we both escaped from in the past.

Nothing is made by hand without imparting some of the soul.
Sophie is nothing but attitude, and I now know where it came from.
You folks.


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