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Hey gang! ;D

I needed a better alternative to plug my exhaust openings, while washing and during longterm storage. In the past, I used plastic bags and rubber bands. Although this method worked, I wasn't satisfied hunting for bags and rubberbands all the time ::). My search began and I came across some laboratory stoppers made by Fisher Scientific. They are made of synthetic rubber, resisting petroleum products, fats, oils, and organic chemicals...recommended where rubber would be attacked or deteriorated. Ahh, the perfect plug [smiley=applause.gif].

At any rate, in order to buy 2, I had to buy a package of 7. Needless to say, 1 set is mine (gonna keep the extra stopper as a spare from odd qty too)....that leave 2 extra sets. If anyone wants a set, let me know. $8.50 + shipping is all I ask. I am not trying to make any money...just want to break even. I paid $30 for a package of 7, so you can do the math to verify. [smiley=cheeky.gif]

If you want to preview the stoppers, click here: https://www1.fishersci.com/Coupon?gid=77925&cid=1328

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