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E-bay has this item for auction at what currently seems absurdly inexpensive: round, carbon, high level, complete exhaust system (spaghetti headers inclusive) by Sil Motor, brand new.


I am tempted to buy it, but have some questions:
Will the headers fit to my Sil Motor oval CF slip-ons? I thought of doing this and then selling the round cans. I am concerned that the photo make the angle at which the header exits to attach to the s-bend raiser pipe is different from the stock header.

Also, are my slip-on diamter going to be compatible with the spaghetti header?

Any help/suggestions most appreciated.

(melbourne, Australia)

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I was watching that auction, but thought it seemed a little suspicious for various reasons. The winner either got a great deal at $611 or is going to get ripped off.
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