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I'm going to be purchasing a new 696 pretty soon.

I'm kinda short at 5'6" so the low seat height of the 696 should suit me pretty well. I've sat on other standard/sport bikes and it didn't feel like I could comfortably get both feet down when stopping. I used to ride a cruiser style bike and could always get both feet flat on the ground. Although, I also ride a dirt bike, and don't exactly get both feet flat on the ground, however, that is way lighter to lean to one side.

Anyways, what I really want to ask is: does anyone have any recent experience with the two Denver Ducati dealers, FayMyers & Erico? Not only on the sales end, but also with the service department.

I found a thread from 2008 that covered this topic. At that time, everyone raved about Northern (in Loveland) and Southern (a.k.a. Pikes Peak in CO Springs). But there was no love for FayMyers or Erico. Nobody had anything good to say about either one.

Is this still the case?

I visited Fay Myers and the salesman was pretty low key. Of course I let him know immediately that I needed to sell my cruiser before anything else happened. He said he would "give me a deal" (whatever that means) on an '09 since the 2010 models are starting to roll in. He was also upfront about how they would low-ball me if I tried to trade in the cruiser there. I asked about a test ride and he explained that they only offer a test ride AFTER you've agreed on a price. The unit you test ride would be the one you'd take home!

I also visited Erico. I was excited cause their website says they offer test rides and they have a whole fleet of test bikes. According to the salesman, this is no longer the case. So why don't they update their web site? This pretty much pissed me off from the get go! Their test ride policy is pretty much the same! The salesman at Erico was also low key, but again, I announced that I needed to sell the cruiser first.

I've seen in some older posts that the dealer invoice for an '09 is $7900. I've been checking out the ducati site and it doesn't look like there are any differences between the 2009 and 2010 models (except for the silencer cover) so I can't imagine the invoice is much different. If there are any other notable differences that anyone knows about, please share.

A couple posters said they were able to get out the door for $9700. So I think I've got my ammunition for negotiation. I'm going to pay cash so maybe I can work a good deal on an '09.

Wish me luck.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.

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