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I was looking into helmets and decided on either a Shoei x-11 or a Suomy Spec-1R. Can anyone provide insight into the differences/similarities and which they would prefer/which I should get? I would be getting a base color (Black or Grey) and am not concerned about the replicas.

Also...anyone know anything about/have a Dainese Flash 2 jacket. From the specs, it looks like a promising jacket but I wanted to know what the ppl out there think. Any info would be cool. Thanks!!!

I wear an X-11. Absolutely the best helmet I've owned. I've said this in other posts, iafter 2 hours in 85 degree heat, I can feel cool air blow though my hair, and no sweat. It also doesn't try to lift off the head at high speeds like others can.

But hey, what the he!! do I know! ;D

flash 2 was a great jacket. Offered alot of protection and comes with a back protector. Also has GP armor, not hte CE. Alot more protection in my opeinion. My friendd has taken 3 crashes, and barely a mark. If it wasn;t for hte jacket on the last one, he would be hurting. My Talos IV jacket that I have also is nice, but the Flash 2 is definaately more solid. Hope that helps

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Both helmets are excellent. The X- 11 is very light and the venting system on it is great! It is a noisy helmet but worth it if it is really warm out. The Spec 1 R is also a great helmet. It has a removable liner and cheek pads, fits a lot like a Arai Quantum only go up one size from the quantum size. One draw back on the Suomy is you cannot close the vents. They are always open so if you live in a chilly area that could be a problem. The most important thing is that the helmet fits you right. My next helmet will be a Suomy. They are really comfortable.

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sold my bike...

i'm am partial to shoei helmets.

i have a SHOEI HOT WHEELS HELMET SIZE SMALL (67/8 - 7) (55-56cm) currently listed on ebay.


I also have a Dianese Flash 2 jacket for sale for $400 including domestic shipping. Features:
- Size: euro 54 or us 42-44 or large (i am 5'10 / 165 and it fits nice)
- 1st Quality leather.
- 100% Breathable and 50% water-proof
- Carbon fiber/Kevler shoulder protectors
- Pre-thermoformed highly technical protectors on shoulders, elbows & forearms.
- Back Protector G2 included.
- Stretch panels on the side.- Zipper to Dainese pants .
- Black Leather and Black Stitching
- Comfortable alternative to bright and flashy euro color combos)
- Light scuff on right shoulder protector

I will sale the jacket and helmet together for $475.

Thank you and ride safe.

No international sales.

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Hey Slickmonster, if you're interested in a Suomy Spec-1R, I actually have one that has been worn twice! It has a small scratch on the back but otherwise it is brand new. Color is Glossy Black and it is a size Large I believe (will check when I get home tonight).

I'll post up pics tonight if you want but like I said, it's basically brand new guaranteed. I'd be willing to part with it for $250.00 firm. That's like half price.

Only reason I'm selling it is because I got an awesome price on a Superpole helmet which actually is the same exact helmet except the superpole has Ducati logos on it and graphics.

Suomy's top-of-the-line helmet
AF1 Racing includes a free spare visor with the purchase of any Suomy helmet
Removable air deflector for nose
Top quality hypo-allergenic lining
High impact composite weave
Neck protection
Certified in accordance with BSI 6658 type A
Certified in accordance with U.S. DOT FMVSS218
Light Weight
Scratch-proof, anti-fog, impact-resistance shield, ECE 22-05 certif.
Safety-lock visor system
Upper Venturi-effect exhaust vents
Removable washable padding

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