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Everything Scott says is true, but I'll add a couple more things. As a new rider it's unlikely you'll go fast enough to hit redline in the upper gears (redline in third on my 900 is over 90 mph.). With the very wide powerband the Ducati has you really don't need to take it that far anyway. I've only gone over the redline once,(I do have a tach) and I can tell you it falls on it's nose real quick. I mostly use the tach to down shift and keep the engine above 3500. Not good for it to lug it down below that.

Or you could do it another way. Latley I've been doing mostly 2 up riding. Gf does'nt like to go too fast, so when I do she whacks me in the ribs. Works every time. [laugh]
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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