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seat cowl sources

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If there is not already a thread on this topic, I would like to compile a source for seat cowls. Any takers?
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i think its a great idea. i have a few questions myself.
on the hunt for the 'cheapest' cowl myself. so far http://www.greatbaymotorcycles.com/catalog/catalog2.asp?id=Monster has the cheapest i have found. i havent done a whole lot of research, so more info would be much appreciated.
I'm also very interested.
I found one here for $169.99

http://www.motospecialties.com/stor...p&level=type1&type=Bodywork&type1=Seat Covers

and this one for $158.75


I'm just no sure whether they all come with the mounting systems, if you need a mounting system?
After shipping and what not, I'm sure that they'll all be around the same price.
There is a carbon one at MonsterParts for $165 (148.50 with the grand opening coupon)

(brackets not included)

I also had some unpainted fiberglass ones made that have brackets built in...but they sized them so they only fit 94-99 (00+ sits were a little thicker at the back)
$75 ea on those if anybody wants one.
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smitch said:
I scoured ebay and agonized over this for a year and a half before finally just biting the bullet and ordering one thru Ducati. If you do, be warned you have to order the Left and Right side brackets and bolts SEPERATELY (d**n you Ducati!) Most on ebay are damaged, but I wanted a red one. Carbon fiber's show up a lot on ebay though, and they usually look great. Just make sure it has the brackets and bolts too.
from a response to a thread I had.

There are a lot of threads and I have been looking. It would be nice if someone compile a lot of links to shops and what is available. Everything from Original Equipment to Carbon and Aluminium. And What fits what. Seems like 99 and before had skinnier seats? Also I think you need mounting brackets for all of them? And put it in the FAQ section??

Plus the guy over at Flight has some cool ideas!
i bought one of those for my bike.
just needs some shiny paint on it now 8)
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