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Once again.....I am looking for work!

Anybody help me out? Live near San Jose, can turn my hand to most things, don't care, as long as I can earn some money for things like food & rent.....Full or part time, temporary or permanant...

As I am a resident alien, I don't get any state benefit for 3 years...which kinda screws me a little.....

Thanks guys & gals.

Dave..... I'll be the one with the card saying 'Please help' as you exit Hwy 17 in Campbell.....


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Don't know if you do QA, but here's something I saw recently:
From: umer mirza <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:52 am
Subject: QA Job Opening in SF

Hi All,
We are looking for a QA Engineer. If you are
interested or know somebody, please send me his/her
resume. Here's the job description.

We are currently looking for a seasoned software
quality assurance engineer who can contribute to a
high-energy team of QA engineers that are taking an
existing product suite and creating the products and
services of the future.

Talented individual who works well under tight
deadlines and rapidly changing priorities, is
reliable, able to manage multiple tasks, is goal
oriented and excited about the following challenges
need apply:


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Thanks for that lead, sadly, I have nothing near the credentials needed for that one! Hell, I have trouble with e-mail!!

Had a couple of other leads from a couple of people on other (non bike) forums that I am following up at the moment.

Watch this ------> <------- space!!


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