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Just happened to stumble across this DEAL:


Got it in the mail today and man is it a piece of work! And warm as hell...
retails for about $400 and got it for $99!!!! Brand new! Get one if you are in need and can find one...i guess Belstaff has pulled most of their stock in the US waaayy back because of light demand.. Boggles me cuz their stuff is far and away the best handcrafted detailed stuff out there...

next week my draggin jeans arrive and Im all set to take the 101 North trip!!

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I have a Belstaff Magnum leather jacket (unfortunately now a bit large for me) and it is really first rate. I'm surprised they didn't do better in the US market.

Enjoy that ride up north. Be sure to take some side roads, esp. the Jolon Rd. if you're going that way.
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