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SBK Forks on Monster

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I got mod fever! I have a 2001 M900.
What do I need to do this mod? I want to keep it simple as possible.
I noticed CYcle Cat has the top triple clamp but what about the bottom?

I would like to go with the newer SBK Nitrate coated forks. Will I need a new wheel and brakes?
are the SBK brakes much better?

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Does anyone know if the SBK brakes are much better. I am very happy with the stockers w/ ss hoses I am running now.

In additon to adjustability, are the SBK forks much better once dial in?
What year 9xx or 748 forks have the 65mm brake mounts?
What year/model SBK forks are all/mostly SILVER?
I need to know so I know what too look for. All silver would match my Cromo best.

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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