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SBK forks on a 620, worth it?

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like the title says, i have an opportunity to get some superbike forks for extremely cheap. is it worth putting these on a 620? how big of a difference do they make?
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I am currently exploring this upgrade myself and this is what I've learned.

Although the SBK forks you're getting are cheap, you will need to figure in the cost of a triple clamp and new clip-ons, $400-500.

You also have an option to have your existing forks upgraded with Racetech or LE hardware, they will beat stock SBK forks, performance-wise, even if non-adjustable. Labor and parts will cost less than your SBK set-up.

Both upgrading and replacing are valid options. Just be sure the cheap forks are not the older type with 40mm caliper mounts, in which case you'll be paying $150 for conversion brackets, plus if they're old, they may require servicing, at a price. An easy way to spot an old 40mm fork is the straight caliper mount, vs. the newer 65mm curved one, the latter also has the red Showa logo on the bottom.

Other people who upgraded usually become interested in upgrading the remaining stock suspension.

Engine size makes no difference about the utility of good suspension and you can always take them with you to a bigger bike.
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Rev, do they still use Marzocchis on the 620? I think they are all Showas. AFAIK, Marzocchis are not upgradeable at all.
I had no idea they were Marzocchis. I don't recall seeing the signature large hex and assumed that Showas were the standard on all new Monsters. Bummer. Scratch the upgrade idea then.
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