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SBK clipon tube diameter

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Couldn't find anything with the search function. I have the stock SBK clipon mounts and bought some 7/8 tubes for them...they're too big. Did Ducati use a 13/16 tube? Best place to buy stock sized tubes?
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Pretty sure they're a metric tube size.
ducpainter said:
Pretty sure they're a metric tube size.
afterall.....that would make a lot of sense.
The handlebars are in fact 7/8"s. I've got Carbon tubes in my SBK clip ons. Which I got from Lockhart Phillips. To get them in cleanly I used this little trick.

Take a coin and stick it in the slot and then thread the screw into the backside so that it (gently, like a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn) pushes against the coin and opens up the handlebar clamp just a little so that you can slip the bars in smooth. Just remember to make sure the coin is not obstructing the area where the handlebar will go...

Release, repeat and enjoy ;)

Another important part, one of the 2 screws that clamps the handlebars in place (at least for stock or FBF clip ons) actually pierces the handlebar slightly, so you'll have to notch/clearance/mill that into the actual handlebar tube for it to work properly. At least in my case I had to.
I always use a 7/8" bar with that combo.
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