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In the holiday spirit of giving..... and because I saw this and thought the idea was awesome....

I rolled a drunk Santa and stole his suit....

I'm planning on cruising the town Saturday afternoon..... if anybody wants to join in...the more the merrier ;)

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pt33 said:
Why would you want to keep coal ;)
bobspapa said:
My gift list to all those I've met in-person and on-line.

Grio: the gift of time.
lucazuma: a MRO (magic restraining order) Instructions: tap once for instant gratification, twice for disappear.
SacDuc and Polpetta: Season tickets at Brophys. A years worth of an open table.
ducpainter: Matching daddy and infant Vans shoes. (a bp family tradition since 1986)
gm2: Danny Carey for a day.
ptam28: the money I owe you, sorry I lied, Nina did not have it, I spent it on hookers and jello.
CromoMann: a "get out of the house and go ride" pass.
pt33: a years supply of water filled tennis balls.
Crowbar: a time machine.
Sean M's family: see Crowbar.
NAKED: you have to share with Crowbar too.
Gibbs: use of same time machine and a cure.
IZ_?: focus.
motogpfan: props from DNA for making the multi look good.
Jedi Knight: modfree Mondays.
GregorMac: modfree Tuesdays.
Ash: a live avatar.
Spidey: a liquid filled wheelie bar. (bourbon being the liquid)
MonsterHooligan: continued success. [thumbsup]
Bergweiserus: the complete Joe Strummer collection.
Count Desmo: tastefull leathers. ;)
NoMods: a better looking, richer, less gay, clone of me. ;D
mags: a do-over.
sqweak: a Ricks parking pass.
metalduc: a Bodega buddy.
derby: a copy of lucapedia ( a Luca to english translator)
Bad Dog: unlimited smileys from smileys are us.
Bozcorob: yellow Harley paint.
Red Baron: a heated "home" paint booth.
Pakhan: a awesome 2007.
KnightofNi II: mx boots.
cherub rock: safe passage.
Randall: a clue.
slowpoke13: more internet time ;) (and a basket full of thanks for your service to our country)
ZLTFUL: a date with Sara Walker.
simonster: a bigger bag.
philb: more tin foil.
ScottS: www.coptalk.com.
Mother: a woman who knows how to use an axe, rebuild a jeep transfer case, and looks like Eva Mendez.
Mostro Bella: a date with Randall.
Piller: the gift of Sidhartha.
Grifo: bulletproof everything.
Herm: fireproof everything.
Speedbag: a bike platform patent.

and last but never least (I saved the best for last ;))

lilysmama: my love :-*

And to all those I have missed....... thank you for an entertaining 2006.
Have a peacefull, safe and prosperous 2007


AH, now I see the Light. I just assumed you where getting GM2 the same thing I got him!!

OH snap!!! [insert rim shot here] ;D


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NoMods said:
"NoMods: a better looking, richer, less gay, clone of me." --BobsPapa

"How sweet was that?"--NoMods

"I sincerely thank you"--Husband of NoMods [laugh] >:D :eek:
oopsie ;D
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