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Sad news....

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Just got the call from AMS.

Duc L'Orange is dead. Long live Duc L'Orange.

Evidently the frame was bent just enough to kick the cost of repair above the cost of a new bike.
My fate is now in the hands of State Farm (they've always taken very good care of me in the past).
Another Monster? Or just maybe... AMS just reduced the price of Paul Smarts???

In other news, with ice packs & a coupla trips to the chiropracter, the swelling in my ankle is almost gone and I'm walking without a limp.

Hopefully ya'll will allow a little German to infiltrate the Italian festivities until I figure out the bike situation.

Ride safe ;)


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So sorry to hear that, but hey look at the bright side, its shopping time again.
Sorry to hear it but at least your Ok and maybe getting a new bike!
That sucks! :'( Rip Duc L'Orange.

$13995 for a showroom PS1000 $1000 less..
Thanks all-

I'll keep you posted, & hope to see you soon!
man, sad news indeed, you DFW folks be careful, sounds like you're having the same string of bad luck that afflicted us down in the Houston area not too long ago :-\
Sad news indeed. Amazing you got home on it [clap]. Glad your ankle is healing up.

State Farm was always fairly generous with us on settlements in the past, so hope
that works out.

If the PS is too much, you could always look at {Insert Shameless Triumph plug here} Thruxtons.

Still enjoyed the ride.

n2f should be back online tomorrow...bet she'll be itchin' to ride!
Scott, I'm so sorry to hear about your bike! What a shame... But I'm really happy you're getting back on your feet 100%

Having seen a Paul Smart zip around the track last track day, I think a PS would be cool - just talk to someone who has ridden one for a while (I think Peter at AMS has one...) I seem to remember something about them not having the most comfortable seating position :-\

n2f said:
... I seem to remember something about them not having the most comfortable seating position :-\

actually, it's a little better than the sport classic positions [cheeky]
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