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FIRST - so sorry for the duplicate post...was trying to add pic and messed up....

I bought my '08 S4Rs used with 2350 miles on it; came with dealer installed full Termignoni exhaust. This is the issue:

The pipe/carbon heat shield on the right side sticks out so far it interferes with foot placement on the peg! I ride with the ball of my foot on the pegs, not the arch, and my right heel contacts the heat shield - forcing my foot out to the right almost a third of the peg length. Not good.

The dang "S" curve pipes connecting the cans to the collector are the problem. I am currently experimenting with rotating those "S" pipes inward toward the wheel to see if I can get them out of my way, still have clearance, and get the pipes to line up with each other and the mount points. I will try removing the offending heatshield and wrap with header tape to see if that fixes it - but the ugly factor probably won't sit well with me...and the pipe itself may be the issue (too far out into space). I wonder if someone with finesse in tubing could "massage" it over a bit to fix the issue?

Sheesh - this is rather frustrating for a system that costs so much. I would expect 100% ergonomic design excellence.

Any other S4Rs owners with ideas/remedies for the heel interference issue??
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