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I had similar fitment issues when I installed my full Termi system but all was resolved when I hung the whole system loosly & I mean loosly before final tightening. Start by installing only the headpipes to the center section. Before torquing the flange bolts use a tapered punch to line up the collector mount and loosely start the bolt. I then attached the tailipes and the silencers and once again used the tapered punch to jostle and align the bracket to the frame hole. All the while every single frikken bolt, even the silencer bracket where it attaches to the silencers was left installed but very loose. Once both mount bolts were engaged you then start tightening from front to back all the while "JOSTLING" everything while you go. Once tight take time to ensure that no exhaust parts other than head pipe flanges and mont bolts are touching machine hard parts. WHEW [clap] One note on the flange mounts, progressively tightening up to final torque in a cross pattern will ensure a leak-proof seal. I even re-used my old flange gaskets. They only had 200 miles on them. After all this the Termi system fit PERFECT!!! I am a professional Jet Aircraft mechanic and I must say that installing these pipes was as challenging as installing a main fuel delivery tube on a Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Jet Engine! While I'm at it I found removing the stock pipes almost more of a rubicks cube than the install. Any questions I'd be happy to reply.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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