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Hello all,I am new here and I am here because my next Ducati shall be an S4R.I here tell that there are some owners here and would appreciate any feedbak possible.I am especially keen to hear of exhaust options,I have seen the Arrow and SilMotor options and have heard rumours of a Termignoni full system and slip-ons.Thanks.

OS Anyone caring to could email me directly at [email protected] to avoid what may be an old hat topic on-list.
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Good question. I own an S4 with Leo Vince Ti exhaust, smaller rear sprocket and a couple small mods, like putting holes in the airbox.

I rode the S4R last week - admittdly a new one - and while probably a better bike - was not enough to make me want to spend the extra money. First of all, the new pipes are going to cost you dearly - whatever you buy. The mid-range was better than my S4, but not sure if that was really gearing or the larger engine. Not that much diffrence really. For someone trading in a Monster 900 or 750, well, there is no choice. For now I'm happy with the legendary 916.

If it were me, I'd look around to see if you can find a left-over '02 S4 and use the diffrence in price to buy pipes and accessories. There just isn't enough value in the price diffrence with the S4R and the single-sideed swingarm is no big deal so far as I can concern.

Either way, though, the S4R is not a bad choice. Talke a look at the red/silver-stripe version Ducati-Seattle did. I think it's on theior web page. Very nice and more sttractive than the blue/white version.
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