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Hello all,I am new here and I am here because my next Ducati shall be an S4R.I here tell that there are some owners here and would appreciate any feedbak possible.I am especially keen to hear of exhaust options,I have seen the Arrow and SilMotor options and have heard rumours of a Termignoni full system and slip-ons.Thanks.

OS Anyone caring to could email me directly at [email protected] to avoid what may be an old hat topic on-list.
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Here is the link.....

His name is Sebastian and he is without a doubt the best mechanic/owner I have EVER run across in my 13yrs of riding.

I talked with sebastian on tuesday the 16th It seems he told me there was some confusion/mixup and that Termi does NOT have a full system available at this time that he can get the slip on system and it will ship in January
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