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s4r vs tuono

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Has anyone ridden both the s4r and the tuono ? How do they compare ? It seems I saw a comparo once in a mag, but for the life of me, I couldn't find it. I wanted to ride a tuono, but no dealers around here had any test rides available. I'm certainly not looking to buy one, just curious.

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I have test ridden both the S4R and the Tuono. On power, the Tuono seems to be much more spunky. It's weight balance is not up front as much, with a more upright seating position, so mono-wheeling is more prevalent. It feels like it has 15 more ponies under your seat.

Handling wise, the Tuono has telepathic steering. If you think right, the bike goes right. Very light and wonderful. The Ducati needs input. I would imagine the Ducati to be more stable at speed, but this is conjecture on my part.

For fun I would have to vote Tuono.
Quality of construction I vote Tuono.
Wind protection I vote Tuono.
Maintenence costs I vote Tuono. (gotta be less than desmo!)
Smoothness I vote Tuono.
Unique factors I vote Tuono. (Haven't seen one EVER out on the road!!! ( I am in San Diego , too!)

Some drawbacks , and why I would buy an S4R instead:

The Tuono is tall. I am 6 ft and feel a stretch to the ground.
The fixed fairing on the Tuono gives me a weird sensation, when the bars move I expect everything to move. It ain't a true naked bike.

The S4R is freaking beautiful.

This is a tough one. They are both fab bikes. One thing is for sure: for some reason, the test ride on the Priller sticks in my mind as one of those uniquely sensual experiences. It is very special. The Ducati is very conventionally competent.

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I guess if you own a Bugatti, then chances are you will run into another Bug! I think it's a law of physics, like attracts like!

Yo Race Day Dennis:

Buying any cycle is an emotional experiance, period. There is nothing that is Italian that is rational, especially! I know- I married one! I could love and S4r or a Tuono, or a speed triple, ......... ;D

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