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Hello Everyone, I grew up riding, but finally owned my own first Ducati in 2020 when I found a black S4R with the red trellis frame after a long search. I loved that bike, and the guys at Boulder Motor Sports got it purring like a kitten when we took off the dynojet and tuned it on the dyno. More like a tiger. I hit the canyons outside of Denver for a few months of bliss, but then my friend visited and wanted to ride... 2 hours later it was totaled and I swore never to let anyone ride my next one.

I paid $6500 for this 2006 S4R with 23,000 miles. Now they are going for a lot more! Crazy but it actually increased in value.

I was waiting for another S4R or S4RS to come back into my life but then I met a 2017 1200R and it was love at first sight, lol. I just agreed to buy it, working out the details, and I'll post about that deal when it goes through.

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