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Got a 2004 S4R earlier this year, and feel the bike is not set up right. Going back to baseline according to the manual, the front forks were detailed as this:
Standard factory setting is as follows:
compression: 12 clicks;
rebound: 11 clicks.
The max. setting range is 14 clicks (rebound) and 16
clicks (compression) that ensure the softest damping.

While the rear shocks was clear what to do, I'm not clear on the wording above for the front. Is it 12/11 clicks out from from out or in?

I clicked it all the way back counterclockwise, and went in 12 clicks on compression and 11 on rebound, and of course the bike is stiffer now, but was it from full counterclockwise (out) or from full clockwise (in)
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