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Hello -

It's been a long time since I've been here, but I sure could use your input regarding remaining questions/solutions for a fairly substantial re-build project.

1) Since we're installing a complete, new front-end including Ohlins forks, SpeedyMoto lower clamps, and full top triple kit from Cycle Cat including adapters, risers, bars & ends... I need to find out what top sterring damper(s) will fit?

2) Since we've got radial brakes now, I'd like to get the scoop (with assurity) that a 999 brake master - and throttle assy. too for that matter - will fit on Cycle Cat's bars? (I need to replace my stock throttle as well). With that in mind, I'm attempting to eliminate the stock brake reservior look... so, any recommendations on "streetable" piston/acctuator? ratios are welcome too.

3) and, could help but leave the tail-chop kit quotient out of the list! Honestly, I really did read the thread, but you never know what's the latest, and more important, the greatest of late?
Thinking of LED w/ integrated signals... thinking it still might be a good idea to add small (minimalist in size, but bright enough) rear turn signals on the sides. And last, looking to decide on which front turn signals as well. Any ideas of alternative mounting points & brands for the fronts?

Sure look forward to your feedback as we're right at this last stage of the front-end part of the project, and need to order the remaining parts! [clap]
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