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S4 steering stem dimensions compared to 916/998 or 999 ?

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Conflicting reports are telling me the steering stem on a monster is a different length than a 916 through 999 SBK. Specifically, I have a 2002 S4. Different dimensions or the same?

Can anyone provide measurements on the difference.

I'm investigating triples with 27mm offset to mount 999 Ohlins on the S4.

Thanks in advance,
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I don't know about the 999, but the S4 is the same as a 9*6, but shorter. You can always cut & reweld one to your desired length.

How can it be "the same" but shorter. So it's not the same! [laugh]
I'm going to have one made by Ortner so all I have to do is spec the correct dimensions.

Ok, anyone have the length of an S4 steering stem which will determine the difference from an S4 to a 9xx?

I strongly suspect that Ortner/CCat will already know.

That's the funny part, he asked me to actually measure one to Dbl check. I had a 20 min conversation with him and he's seriously the Guru I've heard about. He had some great suggestions for the project and how he could help. Super guy.

He strongly suggested 27mm offset for the track as it's a great compromise between stability and feel versus turn-in.

Well, that's a smart thing to do, no need for him to make a piece that won't fit your bike.
Then *nobody* is happy.

So you're getting triples too?
Actually the custom triples will save me a bunch of money. I can use the 999s Ohlins I stole off eBay UK, and with a 5mm spacer for the calipers I can use my stock wheels, rotors, and Calipers! The only addition will be having to purchase and paint a 999 carbon front fender.

If you or some friends are looking for parts get ready as I'm about to list a ton of stock S4 and Foggy stuff coming off the bike that will be listed soon.

I'll keep you updated as the project progresses.

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