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S4 speedo opening bevel for repair?

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anyone know how to open an S4 mechanical speedo as i need to clean and fix the perspex glass, I have it out of the instrument cluster but before i butcher it i am seeing if any one has done this before.

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I am going to fix mine also as the cracks are lengthening and I can not stand it any longer.

I have proffesional model making associates and they have suggested cutting off the rim with a dremmel and they will machine up a bezel part in alloy to acomodate a new perspex glass.

They will do the work - they are highly skilled at this level.

I may consider machining a few if it is viable.

Seems we may be able to get some old gauage sets to practice on first and that would be advantageous.
Sounds good, would apply to tacho also i guess to make instruments match

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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