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Was wondering if anyone has had a difference in compression problem that I am having now..The bike has 6000mls on it and the horizonal cylinder has 180psi comp. and the vertical has only 110psi..Tech did leak down test and thinks the rings are bad..Were going to open it up today to see whats up...He told me he has never seen it before and thinks its a freak thing..Tells me he sees these motor with 30 or 40k miles all the time...with no problems.. ???

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Not much help, I've got 10k miles on my '02 S4, and haven't checked compression...

Recently did a base gasket leak repair, and managed to break the oil ring. No dealer even remotely close had rings, and a local, well respected indie mechanic said rebuilds are very rare, the '916' motors last quite well in that area.

Maybe a broken compression ring?

Please keep us posted.
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