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S4 and the clutch

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Ok guys, got one more question since I am new to the whole dry clutch... When I am cruising around say in 3rd at 4K RPM no problem. But when I let off the throttle, and the RPM drops to aroudn 3K or so, i can hear the clutch plates start to rattle a bit. This happens alot as I slowly let go of the throttle setting up for a turn. Sometimes I get freaked out thinking I might stall it and pull in the clutch a tad.

Anyhow, is this normal ??? Do I need new springs for clutch pack ?
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Yep, wait until you put on an open clutch cover :)
When you said you think it may stall is the bike lurching? If so consider a sprocket change. Up two in the rear or down one in front.
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