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s2r800 arrow exhaust swap to sr1000

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currently i have a s2r800 but want to uprgade to the 1000 s2r i have the full arrow system and iam hoping that i can put it on the 1000 iam sure the end cans are fine but not so sure about the headers has anyone done this or can help
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Headers are different between the two bikes.
45mm in the 800 while the 1000's are 50mm wide.
I believe the crossover and cans are the same...but not 100% sure. The main difference is at the cylinder heads. So the headers before the crossover are different.
yeah many thanks i am pretty sure you are correct will most likely get the 1000 and don't want to spend anymore than i have to
You'll need the S2R1000 header, which goes from the heads to the mufflers. It is sold separately from mufflers. Mufflers get to stay. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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