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Hi folks !

I should and I will present my beloved S2R on wich i made a few (lot of) mods, I promise I'll do it soon :)

The reason why i come to you today is to get some ideas to sort out something, i'm searching for 2 years now... :

The problem is a fake a rev limiter, at 5 500 rpm precisely, wich comes with a very nice boom (PAK !!) at the exaust, coming ONLY when I switch from low throttle to full or wide throttle.

Valve gap OK
Maintenance OK
Air filter : k&N pods
Exhaust : arrow full race line
Map made on dyno (problem was present before)
Brand new injectors/hose/fuel pump/filter
Changed coils/spark plugs
Changed TPS and CPS
Lithium Battery, Mosfet regulator (tensions are good at all rpm : 14,1V everytime).

I'm thinking to :
1 - Bad timing for at least one camshaft
2 - Faulty memory zone in the ECU
3 - I saw 2 tables in TunerPro : correction throttle positive movement / correction throttle negative movement (i think one of these could create pb).

What is your advice ?

Have a nice day !
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