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S2R 1000 problems?

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Has anyone had any problems or complaints about the S2R100? I sold my m800 about 2 years ago and I've got the urge again. I experienced numb hands while riding my 800 and tried everything I new of to stop it with no luck. I've read lots of negatives about the GT 1000 so I'm now considering the S2R1000. Thanks in advance for your input.
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Some have complained about 02 sensor issues. I have yet to experience it on mine I have 4100 miles on it since my purchase in august and it rides nice love the bike love the power delivery on the low end. No complaints from me if I had to do it over again with a few more years under my belt I would have gone for the s4rs. I love the s4r but I think that the better suspension on s4rs is well worth it. Good luck duc hunting.

A lot of people here complaine about a surging problem with the S2r1000, but I think it could be cleared up witha PCIII. Like you I want another Monster so bad! I wish I would of kept the 800 I bought off you. A member here has it now. The only thing I dont like about the S2r 1000 is there is no dark.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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