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Since the S2R has the coveted single sided swingarm, its a shame Ducati stacked the exhaust the way they did, obscuring the swingarm from the right side. A guy I used to be friends with (we had a falling out during this project) owed me some work as part of a van deal and modd'd my exhaust so the cans were side by side. It's worked and sounds good still. Top photo was from when it was all stock back in 2015 when I bought it.

The cans themselves are Arrow exhaust and were loud as **** when I bought the bike; so damn loud I had to roll the bike out of my garage in neutral and down the hill when I started it early in the morning so I didnt wake the neighbors. I ordered a set of decibel killers from Arrow direct to insert in the cans and this definitely helped.

2007 Ducati S2R1000.1.jpg



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