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S*R in Astoria

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Anyone out there live near the 30th Av. N/W line? I just moved out here and I left a DML card on your bike cover. Not sure if it's an S2R or not, but there's definitely and udder under there. Anyway, let me know because I live around the corner from you. ;)
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Screw you hippy! You don't live in Astoria! :p ;)
Hippy? Bwahahahahaa!!! [laugh]
hug != love mate, if that's what you think... wow.

goddamn hippies
Yeah, I know ya bastid, oh, whoops ya bastid

Have a great weekend everyone. :)
Whoever owns this bike (if they ever see this), it was blown over in the wind tonight (Friday December 1st 2006). I picked it up and tried to wedge a DML card under the key cover on your gas cap. Your mirror was broken but I put the pieces under the bike in the hope that you would find them. Didn't look for other damage because of your cover. I don't think it hit the car that's parked there but you never know.

Really sorry about the bike, stupid wind, the storm tonight was crazy.
You're a good man Charlie Brown!
Yeah that's me. I was trying to get in touch with you.
I'm not saying you did it but, somebody knocked my bike over and **** it up. I found a second card of yours slid under the gas cap cover the same day.
What's up?
Hey, I dropped the first card to let you know about the DML.

The second one I put there after I picked your bike up in the middle of the storm that Friday night because I thought you might need some parts. As I said in my earlier post, I picked up some pieces of your mirror and put them under the bike and I thought the DML might be able to help you locate some replacements. I was just walking by when I saw your bike on the ground, I felt bad for you so I picked it up. As far as I could tell, the wind knocked it down which totally sucks but it was blowing pretty hard.

Did you take your bike somewhere to get fixed up?

edit: They're not my cards btw, they're DML cards that loads of people have.
Thanks for the help, didn't mean to insinuate that you had knocked it over. It does suck that the bike was knock over. No serious damage, both mirrors and a cracked brake lever mount.
Put the bike in the garage, want to get it fixed this week.

Again thanks for the help.
You're welcome. Just felt really bad knowing a fellow monster rider's bike was lying there on the ground. Glad there wasn't more damage or anything. Having said that, I would have probably picked up anyone's bike. I'd just noticed your cat poking out from under your cover so I knew it was a monster. ;)

If you're taking it into Duc NYC, tell Marcos I said hi. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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