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Rossi To Announce!

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In a pre-race interview in Valencia, last race of the 2003 season, Rossi explained that after Sunday's race he will let the world know where he will be next season.
He stated that "Honda bosses where here" and that after the Sunday's race it was the right thing to let everyone know.

After a brilliant year in his fourth top-level season in GP racing, it seems that Rossi may part with the number 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Rossi
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This is what I have read lately:

Rossi probably to Yamaha but maybe to Ducati if Marlboro ponied up.

Edwards to Honda.

Hodgson to Ducati MotoGP B team. But they may keep their other current rider, so how where would Xaus go? AMA? Aprilia?

Haga is leaving Aprilia and said he is going to the US. He has also been seen talking to Ducati.

So it might be Xaus or Haga here on the Duc...
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Well, all that was announced is that he WILL NOT be riding for Honda. But Yamaha has stated that they are still negotiating with him....
Well, its official-official. Yamaha announced a 2 year contract with Rossi.

Maybe now all the other rides can fall into place...
Should be a wild year.

Yamaha may actually try to get serious after spending all that money on Rossi. Honda will be out to beat Rossi AND top Ducati since the Duc was the fastest bike this year. And Ducati will be trying to make a run for the championship since they got that first-year thing out of the way. The Proton will probably make a lot of progress in a full year. The Aprilia is fast but has issues - maybe they will work some out. But I don't know about the Suzuki and Kawasaki teams....
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