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What a nice bike! Seemed to have similar grunt to my S4 which has Termi's, Chip, Powercommander III and dynotune.

Weirdly, it seemed more lithe, with a nicer turnin than my bike. Comments? Is the wheel base shorter? Fork rake steeper?

The pegs are way better than a stock S4's, but not as good as an S4 with rearsets!

Handle bar better than the S4's, still, I think the Italians are still pissed off at us and are determined to make all of our shoulders hurt after an hour!

I need this bike!


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According to ducati.com (not the most reliable on accuracy, but they have fixed the known errors on the S4R specs)

Same chassis specs,wheelbase, head angle & such, except for a Showa rear shock instead of the Sachs, and the TiN coating on the forks. Fork internals could be different....
The one that I've looked closely at has Michelins on it, the front tire profile looked a little different from my Pirelli Dragon Evo.

Don't know what tires you're running, but that's probably the biggest difference. Suspension setup too.
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