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Two Words : Absolutely Fantastic........

The crew:

Speeddog / Nick / S4
108 / Shawn / S4R
Kev / 620S
ducseven / Rob / S4 Foggy
jiro / Mas / 1000
Be / Bruce / 750S
lucas / 900S
MonstRus / Vlad / 750
terrible_viking / ___ / S4 Foggy

I think I got everybody's names and bikes right... :p

If we had a 600 and an 800 along, we would have had the entire historical lineup.

Pictures? A small slice of what was taken:

Above picture really doesn't do justice to the group of Monsters we had there. This one's a little better:

Nine Monsters, and and an F4 (what's an F4? ;) )

A really fine ride kicked off from that spot, up Fernwood Pacific to Tuna Canyon, then Saddle Peak Road, a short stretch on Schueren to Piuma, then Las Virgenes to Mulholland and our stop at the Rock Store.

After a late breakfast at the Rock Store, we headed out Mulholland to Kanan, and then down Latigo Canyon.

Here at the base of Latigo Canyon, enjoying the much cooler air at sea level...

Bruce had his Real Camera out, so I'm sure there's more pics to come. Others were snapping pics too, as I recall.

Two Words: You Dirty Son of a B!tches :mad: ;)

The first weekend I have to work in months and you guys have to have a big blowout ride without me....great.

For the record my day was great too. I liked the part where I got harrassed by strikers, it was great. Where's Kev when you need him.

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Great ride everyone! Riding behind 4, 5, 6 screaming Monsters was an awesome experience. It was nice to finally meet all of you who participated. We'll do it again soon!

9:30 am - Nick, Shawn and Rob, at Starbucks.

We had 4 Monsters in 1 parking spot.

On our way to Rock Store.

In front of Rock Store.

Final destination. From here we broke up and headed home.


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I want to post my pics.,but I don't know how. I thought I saw that info up here last week, but I can't find it now.

A little help please.
Make sure your pics aren't any larger than 400k, it seems to prefer about 350k. Crop and resize as necessary.

Go to the Photo Gallery section, click on the "upload" button:

Do the "Select a Category", I've been putting ride pics in the Travel and Events folder. Gotta do this every time you upload a photo, it defaults to DML Member Bikes.

Do the "Select A Picture", browsing your computer for your pic.

Then hit the "Post My Picture!" button at the bottom. If you've got a modem, go do something else for a little while. If you've got a broadband connection, a couple heartbeats and it's done...

The TRICKY part is getting the file/image location here on the DML.

With Netscape, I do a right mouse click ON THE THUMBNAIL IMAGE in the photo gallery and select Copy Image Location.

Then go up to the YABBC tags area, click the 4th button from the left, bottom row, and you get this:

[i m g][/img]

Paste the image location in, and it'll look like this:

[i m g]http://www.ducatimonster.org/ImageFolio3_files/gallery/Misc/DML_Posts/tn_d900ssnfriend.JPG[/img]

hit the preview button at the bottom of the post page, and you will see a tiny image like this.

Go in and remove the "tn_" from the filename:
[i m g]http://www.ducatimonster.org/ImageFolio3_files/gallery/Misc/DML_Posts/tn_d900ssnfriend.JPG[/img]
and then you get this:

Practice, experiment, and use the preview button........

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Thanks Nick. You are the best. I hope these look OK. I know my camera is pretty damn good, but I am not...yet.

Westsiders at PCH and Sunset waiting for Eric, just in case, but Eric couldn't make it.

Westsiders waiting for Valley and Eastsiders.

Arrival of Valley and Eastsiders

A jumble of Monsters

These last 3 are to document Nick's participation. He led the group as seen above, he captured the ride on film, he settled the bill at the Rock Store and he of course navigated new routes on the fly with his ever present maps. Here is what I put forth with this evidence...Nick is not nearly doing enough. He didn't clean my bike, put air in the tires, fill it with gas and have it warmed up for me before the ride. Unless he did it for everyone else, I ask you, does a slacker like this deserve a place on our rides?

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