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Rock Store tonight

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I was feeling restless earlier and decided to head out to the coast to visit Mulholland and the Rock Store. It was a little colder than I expected and the freeway ride there and back wasn't very much fun.

But having the twisties to myself was great. I even practiced some of my MSF braking drills. It was cool to watch my headlight dive from side to side as I wove through the turns.

Anybody else ever go for night rides?
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Saturday 3am, right? Yeah, well. I went. It was a small group, consisting of myself. I revisited some of the old spots around Spring and 5th, then toured Hollywood and Boytown to Sunset where I duly scrubbed in my new tires.

Anyway, 108 and Teeth, post up when and if you want to try again. Would be fun to have a tour guide to point out some of the landmarks.

Cool. Tonight/ tomorrow morning sounds good.

Sorry to hear that... I hope you find your dog.
Ditto. Couldn't imagine loosing Calvin.

All the best,

Bummer. :'(

Hope you've found him, and good luck if you haven't yet.
sorry 108 let us know huh?
I'm happy to hear that you found him. I hope he's not injured...
I know German Shepherds can be scrappers...

I'd still be interested in going on that ride with you sometime, if you're still willing to give the tour. Unfortunately, I'm heading out of town for the holidays, so I probably can't do it until the early part of January at the earliest- unless you can to do it sometime this week? We'll talk.

Again, I'm glad your dog's home.
Glad to hear your family is complete again. Not cool about your pooch being a little the worse for wear, but a good resolution.
That is not good to hear. I'm wishing your friend a speedy recovery.

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