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Rock Store tonight

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I was feeling restless earlier and decided to head out to the coast to visit Mulholland and the Rock Store. It was a little colder than I expected and the freeway ride there and back wasn't very much fun.

But having the twisties to myself was great. I even practiced some of my MSF braking drills. It was cool to watch my headlight dive from side to side as I wove through the turns.

Anybody else ever go for night rides?
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Wow, this sounds like some serious fun! Seems as if the Hooligan Gang is riding at full strength tomorrow! Coming up from SD to check out this part of LA is appealing to me. Certainly better than doing the touron (that's moron+tourist) thing. Since it's a full crowd I'll take a raincheck on this one but I'm in on another day. You fellas watch your six and have a good time.
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