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Roadracing under engine Full Exhaust

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Anyone running one of these? I just put on on my 01 Cromo but the sidestand spring is rubbing the pipe causing significant scratches. The sidestand is not working well either.

I am thinking about removing the fatter of the two sidestand springs?

Any ideas? anyone know of an aftermarket sidestand?

Next is airbox mod, anyone running PC3?need map ideas too.

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My Roadracing exhaust has no clearance issues. It's from a 600/750 engine & had one bend slightly modded to suit the 900's deeper sump & sidestand in the way. Also, once the steel wool packing is replaced with fibreglass & the steel wool around the restrictor is removed the bike runs great & is much quieter. It's pretty quiet at idle, & only goes very loud when on the power. Restrictor removal or repositioning closer to the end of the muffler would do wonders, i think!

A shame the mini-review on this site has put a lot of people off what (with a little effort) can be an excellent exhaust. And it looks awesome!!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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