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I've been through those plaza chutes and Yuu isn't kidding ~~ for some reason, the Greenway tolls are nasty slick, even on the SmartTag/EZpass lanes. This reminds me of a more general (and maybe prevalent) slick condition that I face on a fairly regular basis: underground garages that have painted floors. Bare concrete can absorb at least some of the oil, antifreeze & brake fluid that drips (and occasionally dumps) out of poorly maintained rides, but most garage-specific, high-traffic paint is designed to keep it all pooled at the surface. Not a big problem if it's scrubbed down from time to time, but building managers tend to put that sort of thing pretty far down on their lists, if it's on their radar at all. The garage where I work is like this, and it's slippery as all getout, even when it hasn't rained for weeks. Enclosed parking garages are probably the worst, as there's no rain to wash any of it away. Just sumpin elz to be aware of in your travels.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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