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Yeah I fell..thanks...thanks for nothing. Tuna canyon road is TO damn tight, twisty and downhill for me I guess. Heading for a turn I downshifted, and when I let out the clutch the bike began to chatter it's way STRAIGHT through the turn. I threw on the front and rear brakes and the rear started to slide out from under me, so I gave it a little tap tap tap-a-roo and kept the bike upright, but I ran out of pavement and ended up "Leaning" up aginst the hillside.

Bruce was kind enough to stop and help me get the bike off my left leg, and up again. And he didn't even bust out the camera to take a shot, I kind of wish he had.

Anyone have a stock right brake lever for sale?

And remember....Tuna canyon is REAL twisty and downhill..watch out for that engine braking!
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yeah I'm 100% good to go..just hurt my bride

Foot leaver..yeah ti's bent ;-D
I feel guilty saying I crashed..because I did like NO damage except the bent foot break leaver.
totally....I only had like 15 feet to figure it out seemed like. Once the chatter was under controll I was fighting to keep the bike from sliding out from under me because the rear wheel was locked and starting to come around on me dirt-track style. Eventually just ran out of road.

I just got done washing the bike and there is more damage.....hehe.

Bent Leaver
Tank is dented where the clip-on slammed into it. The steering stop has a "dent" in it now.
And the clip-on bar is bent.

So with all that, perhaps it's time to get the entire bike "upped" since I have to get the tank fixed up.
BTE..I was wearing my Balistic Jeans, and they don't even have a tear, but my knee is kind of jacked up..sore as hell, but very little blood. Those jeans have a pad in the knee that probably helped me out quite a bit while my bike was pushing my knee along the rocky hillside.

always wear gear.
The tank dent SUCKS ass....I hope it's in an area that can be repaired ok. I was going to get the bike re-painted within the next 2 months anway..this just accelerates that plan...so no worries.

I recoment crashing INTO the mountain...with me in between the bike and mountain lots of $$$ was saved. I heal for free..the bike on the other hand costs $$$ to fix. Thing is...the way my bike looks was pissing me off and this is a good chance to fix it all up. **** can this, crap that..buy this, powdercoat that.

1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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