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Ride to Vegas & back

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I'm taking vacation from October 8 - 19th. I want to take a bike road trip, including a stop in Vegas on the 10th and 11th.

Can anyone suggest some good routes to get me down to Vegas? Should I do PCH (middle of the week) down to LA and then just cut over?

When I'm in Vegas, would i be insane to try to hit the Rockies? I'd have roughly Sunday-Sunday before I'd need to get back into San Francisco.

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PCH midweek is spectacular, esp. once the kiddies are back in school. I went down this past spring and it was great.

Details are at:

I have no idea what the ride from El Lay to Lost Wages is like. Long, hot and pretty straight I'd guess. You should definitely pack Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by HST if you're going to do that ride... ;D ;D ;D
Scott, you don't want to go into LA. turn left north of the town. I can't remember which back roads to take, but lookin on a map hiway 166 or 58 over to 15 then north. alot of folks go ove the Sierras and take 395 down to Vegas.

what bike are you taking? want some company?

I've driven to Vegas one time from Sacramento. I took 99 south to Bakersfield. Then you can cut across on 58 to 1-15 and take 15 north to Vegas. It's faster than going down to LA. Will probably cut 3 hours out of the trip. Good luck!
Rockstar et al,

I am taking the tigerbike on the journey. My goal is to leave the morning of the 8th (wednesday) and arrive in Vegas by Friday night / Saturday afternoon.

My goal is not the fastest route, but the most scenic / best twisties. That goes for before and after Vegas. I imagine I'm screwed in the desert, but whatever I can do outside that.

I'm definitely game for company if anyone can join!

From Sacramento, I took 395 down to Lone Pine. This is a great route with lots of twisties, and it goes by Mono Lake and Mt. Whitney. Then in the morning I crossed Death Valley...which is very cool (well, actually hot...but the whoop de doos heading down into the valley were fun, and there are some pretty good twisties heading down and then back out again. After that it's boring and straight, but at least not too far into Vegas itself.

I didn't get a chance to go, but I've heard the Ducati shop in Vegas is worth a visit.
what's happening on the 10th and 11th? you riding back the 12th? post soon as I'll need to ask for the time off or send me your phone number. rrockstar
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