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Ride this weekend (December 13 or 14)?

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Welp... After my break-down outside Vegas, I'm finally back up and running, complete with re-sealed forks and my 6k maintenance under my belt.

Knowing now that I can do 2nd gear power-wheelies has me anxious to get back out and get riding.

Anyone want to ride this weekend?
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Re: Ride this weekend?

I plan to be there when it opens at 9:00, just like last year.
Yeah, it was v. cool to run into Mike at Pt. Reyes. I'd been out there the day before, celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday at the Tomales oyster place, and was dozing in the back of her SUV on the way home, trying not to think about all the great roads I was missing when I hear the magical boom of a monster blasting by. So I perk up and see a dark with a tall skinny guy with a silver helmet disappear into the next curve. I think to myself, "gee that looks like Mike", and vow to go riding the next nice day, which was.... today!

Chileno Valley road really is beautiful, especially when there's lots of water and green grass. If you haven't been on it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I brought the camera, but was having too much fun riding to stop for pix. ;D
Michael and Mike - I was the guy who followed you to Tam Valley at the end of yr. ride - was looking for a reported back way up to Panoramic from Mill Valley but couldn't find it so I turned around and went up Hwy. 1 to W. Rigdecrest.

Is there a way to get up Tam via Mill Valley? Maybe Sequoia Valley Rd.?

both of your bikes sounded GOOD!
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